Re: Princess Diana concert


Oct 25, 2005
"Ernie" said:
Just a brief note to let you all know that there is a concert at Wembley being televised right now on VH1.
When princess Di died, a little bit of each us died.
"When princess Di died, a little bit of each us died."
When Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered a litle bit of each of us was murdered.........................
You know it is so sad when the uninformed bander about phrases which are considered "a la mode". Just as during the gulf conflict everyone was using terminology that was understood by the military community but not by the wider public on civi street, yet they continued to cite pershing, polaris, ground to air, WMD's. Its the same with this stupid expression "conspiracy theory" used in se, or better still conspiracy theorist, when really it should be, theories on conspiracy or a person who has a theory on a conspiracy with regard to XYZ.
Its not the term conspiracy you need to be afraid of Granada its the theory that counts, So therefore your post say's absolutely NOTHING, yet more inert gas from your end.....................which I imagine to be your rear one!
As we can see, yet again ...................Yawn! Granada has to get personal because he is once again out of his depth,
my marriage is great a girlfriend yet?