Real "AMERICAN BRUNCH" at Sugar!


May 5, 2008
I've been made aware of the fact that you can now find a real American style BRUNCH!!! in this town. Sugar (Costa Rica & Armenia) now has a kitchen and brunch, but I haven't tried it yet. I was wondering-

Has anyone checked out Sugar's Brunch?

If so, report back with details!

thanks y suerte

We checked it out last weekend. It was pretty good, though we only had the chocolate chip pancakes (with real maple syrup!) and Nutella crepe. Both were good, though the pancakes were a bit thin. We'll have to go back to try the eggs and bacon.

We were there at about 1pm and were the only ones in the place. The cook came out afterwards and asked us what we thought. He said they kept trying to perfect the art of cooking "American-style."
we got a plate of nachos there! Amazing...
massive plate to share, covered in cheese, guacamole and salsa for 25 pesos.
we ordered the same thing in some american restobar in Puerto Madero (spell cafe? maybe) and paid the same price for about 10, piddly little nachos.
I also ordered the falafel which was good and a decent-size
went back to Sugar a few weeks ago, most of the menu options are no longer available. I think you can only get nachos, chips and wings now...
I loves me an 'American Brunch' with mimosas and all the fixings...but what I really love is a proper Irish breakfast with real Irish bacon and soda bread...any suggestions?
Gringa is on the corner of Costa Rica & Dorrego in Palermo Hollywood & serves American Brunch to include mimosas. A charming little place & the food, music & atmosphere are excellent. I highly recommend.
I went by Sugar today and it looks like it has been closed down by the authorities. CLAUSURADO is all it says.:confused: Does anyone know anything about this?