Reasons to be Cheerful- Yarn in BsAs


Can't help but think that if they reduced the tax burden from being so ridiculously high, they get a lot more compliance. There's certainly precedent for this.

Would make a lot more sense to tax business and individuals at an affordable level, instead of accepting mass evasion and penalising the people who do pay.

Not sure what any of this has to do with yarn though.

Bought a beautiful handwoven hand-dyed rug from the northern provinces a few months back. Its utterly beautiful and is something I will treasure, and cost a fraction of what I could expect to pay for anything similar back home.


Obviously, most of this has nothing to do with yarn.

It does, however, bring up the fact that, on this site, there is a corollary of Godwins Law functioning.
Godwins Law is the internet truism that, whenever an argument occurs online, its only a few posts til somebody compares something with Nazism.

The corollary here is that any post, no matter what the subject, will degenerate into someone claiming that Argentina is crummy, because its not like the USA or Great Britain in one way or another.
Happens every time.

Me, I am an old west coast hippie- and I live by the Beat Poet Maxim- Be Here Now.

Which is why I have been posting about things about Argentina I like. The food thread, and this one about yarn, and others, I am sure, in the future.
My feeling is, whenever you travel anywhere, if you study the place, if you pay attention to what is there, rather than what you wish was there, then, there are things that are wonderful and unique.

I can complain every bit as good as the next guy- I cant find a decent pepper grinder in BsAs to save my life, for example- but whats the point.

When Ian Dury wrote "Reasons To Be Cheerful", in 1979, times were terrible- unemployment, strikes, recession, crime, and lousy weather ruled in Blightie. And yet, Dury was happy about all kinds of inane things- pickle and cheese sandwiches, yellow socks, health service glasses, sex and old movie stars.

Me, I feel the same way- there are always reasons to be cheerful.

I do sincerely love yarn. And there is great yarn, cheap, in BsAs. I am making a hoodie right now.
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Cracking post Ries.

People are responsible for their own happiness. Blaming the universe for failing to provide... well, its not a great strategy for a happy life.

I use a cheap pepper grinder that came as part of the glass tube of peppercorns in the supermarket. Theres a range of different herbs and spices that all come in cheap grinders. Its just a plastic attachment on a glass tube but its lasted me 6 months so far. It doesn't clog, get stuck, and when it eventually gives up the ghost I can buy another one in a supermarket full of peppercorns. Winner! Failing that, I was always partial to grinding peppercorns in a pestle and mortar. Stress relieving, uncloggable and you can have fine powdered dust or coarse ground chunks.