Recently Arrived in BA, Looking for a Regular Tennis Game


Apr 16, 2010
Hi all,

I am a 29 year old Consultant who has been living and working in BA for 3 months and will be here until at least August. I am looking for someone to play a regular, or just a single tennis game with. I am a intermediate to advanced intermediate player (3.5 - 4.0) and can hit with just about anyone. I may not give as competitive a game to the more advanced players, but it'd probably be fun for them to watch me try like hell to beat them. :) Reply to this thread if interested and I will contact you directly.

I am not sure where in BA to play, but I have seen many courts and am sure I can figure it out. Step 1, however, is having someone to play with.

I am also looking for information on local tennis clubs. From reading previous threads, it appears that Tenis Club Argentino is held in high regard. I am looking to join a gym and would love it if I could find a place where I could both play tennis and work out. Any of the vetran BA folks have any advice or help on this? Do I just call their number at the club and ask about membership? Do they have English speakers there? (my Espanol is still a work in progress) I am ssuming they have leagues you could sign up for? In lieue of information on a tennis club, I would welcome information on good local gyms in Recolleta as that is my plan B.

Thansk for any and all help you can give. Too bad it took me 3 months to find this site as it would be extremely helpful to piggyback off of what people have already learned.
if you don,t drive,you can take the train from Retiro_Tigre and get off at San Isidro.It,s about 30 mins by train.I can pick you up and we can play,,let me know your availability,regards Howard
That's great. I am available any time next Saturday or Sunday (24th or 25th). During the week it's probably impossible for me because I will be out of work too late to get out there. Does any time work for you next weekend?
how about sunday 5pm ish to play?i can meet u at the station about cell is
1551641006 call me anytime and we can arrange and confirm,gotta go now I am doing asado....

I KNEW you would respond to this request :)

Happy asado!!!!
Stella said:

I KNEW you would respond to this request :)

Happy asado!!!!
Hi Stella,are we soul mates????:)you know me well now...I love to play tennis,,,still counting???:rolleyes:

Now that you and Liam will be out of the country, is anyone else "in charge" or arranging a Friday evening asado in May,hopefully, not too far from Belgrano?