Recommend a private tango teacher?


Jul 27, 2009
I want to learn tango, and would like to have some private lessons (for a couple) to get the right foundation. So, can any of you expatwizzards reccomend a really good tango teacher? It would be nice if he/she spoke a bit of english as well, but it's not a requirement :)
I highly recommend Luciana Rial. She is a really delightful woman, and VERY serious about tango, a very gifted teacher who will make sure that you have lots of fun and really learn the basics. She's incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and fun to be around!
she teaches out of her home in Almagro.
Thanks curtie! It was someone like that I was looking for, even if I would prefer someone who was connected to a school. But I will definitly check her out! Do you know aprow how much she charges per hour?
oooh. I can't remember. I took classes with her a few years ago, I imagine her prices have changed since then anyway! Definitely contact her, I believe her email address is on her website right? Get in touch and ask her! She may also be affiliated with a school, I'm not sure - I met her through friends.