Recommend GPS and tips for a trip


Aug 29, 2009
We are a family of 8 (6 kids, ages 7-21) and we are planning a 2 month camping trip to Chile and Southern Argentina. First, can one recommend a reliable GPS model with good software maps of these areas? Second, any important tips on special camping sites or other useful tips, besides beautiful locations to see? Many thanks.
I would stick with Garmin for their dependability and easy-to-use software. Battery life is very good. I have not seen their SA maps, but their US maps are very good.

GPS is pretty much a gadget out of Buenos Aires. This is a big country with few inhabitants. As a matter of fact, there arent too many villages, like in Europe, and roads are long and straight, very visible and identifyable on a paper map.

The same logic applies to Chile.

Unless you want to follow others travellers waypoints, there isnt much point in using one of those at those latitudes.

Better spend your cash on tyres and warm clothes. You will have a lot of wind on Route 40 down south.

Don t forget to leave a gift on Difunta Correa shrines so that she protects you from road hazards.

Here is a website where you could find usefull informations. We had a couple of canadians here travelling with a 4WD that found all their informations there :
If you buy a GPS in Argentina it comes with the maps loaded on it already, however if you bring one (Garmin)from your home country like I did, you can download the maps for free at They are about 80% accurate around the city and are quite good for the long haul as well.