Recommendations: yoga, city guide, kennel, realtor, remise, Spanish, hair salon


Jun 6, 2008
Hi everyone,
My boyfriend and I have spent a year in BA, which unfortunately is drawing to a close. We had a fantastic time, and so to all the newcomers I say welcome and enjoy!

Of course part of the fun of exploring a new city is discovering things on your own, but there were some key businesses we came to rely on that I wanted to recommend. Each of these provided service that was 'above and beyond' and that was friendly, reliable and affordable.

Note that many of these are centered in Palermo, as that's where we lived - shocker for an expat, right ;-)

Here's the list:
YOGA STUDIO - Chakra Mio - - Andie the owner is fabulous and speaks English

TOUR GUIDE - Laura Uthurralt Casas - [email protected] - great private tours of BA, Tigre and more in English or Spanish

KENNEL - Dogs on Holidays - - Heber the owner will treat your dog like his own, speaks English

REALTOR - Ari Garcia - [email protected] - Ari found us our amazing apartment in Palermo, speaks English

REMISE - Full Time Remise - 4775-9596 - must have taken us to the airport a dozen times in a year - always on time, very friendly drivers, nice cars

SPANISH LESSONS - LV STUDIO - - smaller school, good lessons, great friends

HAIR SALON - Leonardo at the Llongueras on Gurruchaga - 4833-9015 - for the money, the best color/cut I've gotten
Hi! Can you tell me more about your experience with Dogs on Holidays? We're thinking of taking our dog there this weekend but want to be sure he'll be well cared for! Thank you!