Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements


What exactly is the benefit of paying a third-party service to expedite a passport? According to the State Dept, "You will not receive your passport any faster than you would if you applied in person at a Passport Agency."

They know the process and who to talk to and I have other more important things to be doing during that time.

I'm perfectly fine paying someone else to wait in line for me when I need to be somewhere else.

That's the benefit.


Hey, can you please let me know a little more where or how I can get my passport renewed in the states in 24hs? That would really solve my problem. I have been living abroad and actually have never renewed in the states. The local embassy here in B.A. told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks in the U.S. and that was expedited. Thanks for any info/help on this.

Check this place out. I got my passport renewed there last year in under 24 hours. No problems at all.



a couple more updates to the list for june. aeromexico and delta.


Just called aa and managed to move forward my flight from June 7 to early next week on American via Miami after they nixed the JFK flight I was on. I think they are now flying everyday to Dallas. So they have added 6 additional flights per week on American. Delta and Uninted I think also got a few extra flights per week.


Only on the given day a test is required (eg day 7) as this is required to confirm the end of your quarantine at home. You can’t get a test without either first going out or inviting someone in to your home.

Para el ingreso al país, los pasos habilitados son Ezeiza, San Fernando, Aeroparque y la terminal Buquebus. Todos deberán completar DDJJ electrónica (48 horas previas al embarque), y un total de tres pruebas para SARS-CoV-2. La primera es previa al ingreso al país, luego del ingreso se realizarán un nuevo testeo, y otro con posterioridad de 7 días al ingreso.

Quienes obtengan resultados negativos de los dos primeros testeos, al ingresar tendrán un aislamiento domiciliario, el cual será controlado. En caso de verificarse el incumplimiento del aislamiento, las autoridades deberán radicar una denuncia penal de acuerdo con los arts. 205 y 239 del Código Penal (por violación a medidas contra epidemias y desobediencia a autoridad pública). Para finalizar su aislamiento domiciliario, deberán tener un resultado negativo en su última prueba de SARS-CoV-2.
Hi Everyone

I was wondering what others have experienced upon returning. We just returned and I am wondering how this process works. I see a few people commented back in March/April before the 2nd wave hit. has anything really changed?

So we have no plans to leave our house during our 7 days here (even though we are fully vaccinated). But I am wondering if we really need that test on day 7. If we get it, do we have to upload it somewhere? Does someone come ask us for it?


Any idea if the rules might change soon so that non-residents/tourists etc. that have already been vaccinated could fly to Argentina without any restrictions?
November maybe

The last few months of the year at the earliest in my opinion, but definitely sometime next year (2022).

The bigger question on my mind is:

Will people ever be allowed to travel who do no get vaccinated (for whatever their reason may be???)? And if they are allowed to travel, when will that time come?