Jul 25, 2007
I'm a qualified massage therapist and wish to add to my repertoire! I'm particularly interested in reiki and wonder if anybody knows of an institute that offers training in this and other therapies such as shiatsu and acupressure. I'd prefer to go by recommendation if possible.
Many thanks
The very first time I arrived to BA two years ago I contacted Carlos Trosman well known for teaching and writing here. He has a shiatsu school. This is the web site. I gave a short presentation there with limited language. I am certified AOBTA out of Cambridge Massachusetts. You will need your spanish to study here. I like his way of presenting . I sat through the all day workshop.
I am not teaching shiatsu anymore. I am an Acu-Point speacialist. I have a seminar called ¨Relief at your Fingertips¨ for lay people. I present it in various forms around the USA and have done so in Mexico and Peru. I can put you on the mailing list for the next time I am presenting here in BA. Go to the blog (check out the other links for seminars as well) then email me to that email address so you get on the mailing list. If I start mixing personal and business email I will be sunk.
Dear Girls,
maybe you can give me some advice.
Hubby had a bad slipped disc this year, he is devastated as h has een banned from riding, obviously but is now getting depressed. He was initially in so much pain he was admitted to hospital here in London just for pain management. They gave him pethidine and morphine but even though with such drastic drug measures, he said the pain never went, the drugs only dulled it enough to get some sleep. He had not slept for almost two weeks as could not get in a position where he was not in agony.
The pain is much better now but he has lost all feeling from the knee and the calf in one leg. His MRI proved that he had a prolapse between L3 and L4. As a pro sportsman we dont want to go near a surgeon at this stage and I thought there must be something else that can relieve the nerve pressure. I thought about accupuncture but back in BsAs (we fly back next week) they dont seem very up to speed.
My husband says his leg feels like its "made of wood" and does not work very well. He is swimming now every day so as not to lose too much condition, not only on the leg/s but on his body in general. I worry more about him becoming depressed, As he has been told not to even think about sitting on a pony for at least 6 months.
Sorry to be heavy, but it seems you girls might have some ideas as what to do when we get home to BsAs. Eewww this sounds like smug married conversation ;-))!
I would be happy to help. My specialties are Chronic Pain, Toxicology and Endocrinology (hormones and women). I do a therapy that is not represented yet here in Argentina. It is a mix of things but best said it identifies the short circuits and reconnects them. No needles, no drugs, no supplements. A symptom is just a symptom not the cause. Pain often shows up in one area but it is not where it stems.. That is why massaging where it hurts or is numb does not affect a change.
My web site is being redesigned for 2 languages. It is huge but for now there is just a holding page and you can click through to some blogs I put up explaining my certifications, seminars and therapies.
I knew I brought my pain and inflamation med kit for a reason...