Reliable transportation from the city to EZE?


Jun 19, 2022

I have a flight out of EZE Tuesday night and I am trying to figure out the best way to get there from Palermo. Im looking at private transfers but they all want $50+ USD. I was considering using Cabify (Executive) or UberXL which is quoting ~$3k ARS, and a similar quote from the BA Taxi app. Obviously that is a much better rate, but I am concerned with the possibility of no one accepting the ride since it’s going all the way to the airport. We plan to leave at 15:00 with 2 suitcases. Any tips or previous experiences on this would be greatly appreciated!
in january i used radio taxi. it cost 25.00 and was on time. most like to go to get a return fare
Thanks for the replies!

Have you looked at the cost of a TiendaLeon remis? Nowhere near $50US when I last used them a year ago. Then again there is bad ol' inflation...
I just checked them out and for a private car they wanted $4700 ARS. I would have done that but they confirmed that they only take card and since I don't have an Argentine bank account, it would cost ~$40 USD :(. The bus transfer is a potential choice at $3000 ARS for 2 people.

in january i used radio taxi. it cost 25.00 and was on time. most like to go to get a return fare
I ended up booking a ride with Taxi Premium for $3600 ARS paying in cash. Crossing my fingers they show up on Tuesday!
I took a taxi from Constitucion to Ezeiza this past Monday. It was just a cab I took from the street in front of my place.
The driver offered a deal, he would charge me $4.000 pesos which included the “peaje”. That is the tolls, there are two.
So I agreed. I didn’t feel like arguing and the cab was already going. The first taxi that stopped refused to go to the airport.
I've taken Uber/Cabify to/from EZE a few times now, including last week and it was ~2.2K for everything, very reliable, no scams, tolls included.
Call my trusted driver Ignacio. 11.3918.3067

Negotiate the price ahead of time. He'll charge the Uber rate less about 10% or so.

He arrives 5 minutes early, helps with bags, and does whatever else necessary to complete the trip. He's great.