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Jul 15, 2008
My husband and I are interested in buying antique furniture while we're living in BA. Would anyone like to recommend some auction houses where they've had a good experience or some stores (I know about La Rueda already)? Inside BA or outside--doesn't matter.
There is one in libertad, between Libertador and Posadas. I forgot the name. You can go and see on monday to wednesdays and auction is on thurday and friday (if I am not mistaken).

I prefer la Rueda...
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Where I live...plenty of places. DEL VISO, TORTUGUITAS, PILAR.
If you have a car it's pretty simple. If you dont on a Saturday I could show you around :)
Thanks missveronica,
We have a car so getting there will be simple enough, but do you have any addresses for these places?
Well, Panamericana ramal pilar bajada puente 5. (it is one before ruta 26) Coming from Capital federal you'll find on your right at least 10 different places. Once you are done you take the ruta 26 (Madero) to the left until you get to ruta 8 (Illia), there you turn left and in a few blocks you'll find more antique stores.
In the map Im attaching I drew it (sorry I suck at this)
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Apparently, not only I suck at drawing maps, but also at posting pictures LOL...Dunno why it wont let me..I've resized the pic and everytinhg...
Try google maps. Del viso is the key, there you'll see the maps
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