Renewing the D.N.I.


Jul 27, 2006
Went to the registro civil on 25 de mayo at 7 AM. Got turn number 55. They open the doors at 6AM and start processing at 8 (more or less). By 10 AM my number been called and my name and DNI number entered into the computer. 15 minutes later I was called for a quick check of my documents. The address on the "visa" issued by the mesa de prorrogas de las personas yesterday at migraciones did not match the address on my DNI and I did not have a recent certificado de domicilo. There was no problem. There were no questions. They did not ask for photocopies of anything, and they did not ask to see my passport.
I paid the 15 peso fee and waited about five minutes to have my thumb prints taken and my DNI stamped. I was finished by 10:30. There weren't so many people waiting to be called when I left. Next year I won't go until about 11AM. There was no one there who looked anything like a lawyer.