Rentista - How Many Months of Passive Income i have to Show?


Aug 23, 2023

I am planning to apply for the Rentista residence permit. My source of passive income is going to be through renting a property in my country.
I have a property that can be rented out for $1800-$2000 per month.

I have several questions that i could not find answers for in this forum or on the internet, and i hope i can find the answer here.

Q1: How many months of historical rental income i have to show on my bank statement when I apply for the Rentista residence permit? It's worth mentioning that I did actually read on this forum that I have to show "several months" of passive income when you apply. But how many months exactly? 3 months? 6 months? 12 months? Bear in mind that the property has not been rented out yet, thus I have no history of passive income. This is important to me because i need to know how many months i need to wait while generating rental income before I apply for Rentista.

Q2: I am fully aware that I have to wire the passive income to Argentina every month. However, given the recent changes in regulations (took place in July or June 2023), is it still mandatory to wire the passive income from my bank account outside of Argentina to my Argentinian bank account? or am I allowed now to use Western Union to wire the passive income from abroad to myself via Western Union in Argentina? (i.e no banks are involved).

Q3: If it is still mandatory to wire the monthly income via a bank to an Argentinian bank, am i allowed to wire the monthly amount to a USD Argentinan bank account? or do I have to wire it to a Peso bank account?

Q4: If i am allowed to wire the amount from a bank outside of Argentina to a USD account in Argentina, are there monthly limits on how much USD (cash) I could withdraw? or am i only allowed to convert to Peso if i want cash?

Q5: Q4: If i am allowed to wire the amount from a bank outside of Argentina to a USD account in Argentina, but only allowed to convert to Peso if i want cash, can I re-wire whatever amount of USD i have in that (Argentinian) account back to the same original account abroad? (ie wire USD out of Argentina). if yes, is there a limit on how much I could wire outside of Argentina?

Q6: The rental contract between me and the potential tenant is going to mention how much the tenant has to pay me every month in the local currency of my country; however, me and the tenant have USD bank accounts in another country (a neighboring country) and both of us agreed that the he will pay me the equivalent of what the contract says but will pay it in USD by wiring from his USD account to my USD account in that neighboring country. Is this payment structure / process this going to cause me any issues when i apply for Rentista permit?

Q7: Do I have to show that I pay taxes on my rental income in my country when I apply for the Rentista residence permit? Or this is something usually ignored?

Thank you for reading and hopefully for providing me with any input. You don't have to answer all of the questions! just whatever you know the answer to :)
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If you've been reading other threads on this forum, you will have seen almost universal agreement that to obtain temporary residency as a Rentista you need a lawyer. It is a complicated and drawn out category to apply under. Only a lawyer can answer these questions and, even then, he or she will only be guessing. Because Migraciones are capricious. They make rules up on the day. Different staff interpret rules differently. And change their mind between morning and afternoon, or from one person to the next. You need a lawyer to help you navigate their capriciousness.

Here's a couple of clues though:

1) When I did it, I presented 5 months of rental statements. It was enough.

2) I was worried that they would recognise that the money was (i) taxable and (ii) servicing a mortgage and therefore not really even available to me. But they didn't notice or care.

But this information is anecdotal. It doesn't mean anything now and can't predict with much confidence what would happen in your case.
Thanks for the input and advice Alby. Of course, i will be working with a lawyer, but I thought I might get some feedback from others who went through the Rentista residency application.