Reopenning of Teatro Colon - tickets ?


Jul 12, 2009
Does anyone know if one can simply buy tickets for once the Teatro Colon reopens May 25th ? (and if so, where) I'd like to see La Bohème, preferably in that first week or so. 2010.pdf

On the site it discusses memberships but no mention of how to buy regular tickets. The link to the online ticket office doesn't go anywhere.
I have found this information:

Venta Telefónica = 5533 - 5599

Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 9 a 18hs. Teléfono:(54 11) 4348-5100 / 5200
Fax:(54 11) 4393-8919
Carlos Pellegrini 551, C.A.B.A.
There does not seem to be much info about it yet. But it looks like they will sell tickets online at

If you're to believe that website, tickets for La Boheme will not go on sale until April 19, 2010 9:00AM. The same seems to be the case for Colon Theater season passes (Ballet, etc.)

But I suggest calling that phone number Arecito posted to inquire. ;)
2GuysInPM said:
But I suggest calling that phone number Arecito posted to inquire. ;)

In fact, it seems to be a number to actually buy the tickets :)
Most performances at the Colon are subscription performances. That means that to attend you must pay for the entire series - usually 10-12 operas a season. I believe the 2010 season will be shorter. In addition to the subscription tickets there are usually one or two non-subscription performances of each opera. These are called "extraordinarias". Extraordinarias often feature the second cast which means that you will probably not get the international singers (if there are any) in these productions. Extraordinaria tickets are normally sold a week or so before the performance. The Colon has never had on line or telephone sales, though this might be changing. The procedure in the past has always been to queue up the first day of availability. That often meant arriving an hour or much more before the ticket office opens and waiting. Also there are usually some individual tickets available for the subscription performances however these can be hard to get if the opera is popular and if there are well-known singers. The reopening of the Colon is likely to make tickets hard to get, at least for the 2010 season. Also expect prices to be very high. It should be exciting, though, to see the theatre restored to its former glory.
I can´t wait for the Colon to open, hopefully before I leave BsAs I will get to see something there.