Residency & ARCA

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Its not that ACRA do not deliver after taking money. I have met Lorena several times in 2006-07. But they do not tell you cheaper ways to do it and are overtly expensive.

The biggest lie they tell you is that you must be a resident for 5 years before you can become a citizen. Total bollocks.
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I don t understand where all your hate come from.

Ceviche pointed a fact, it is not true that you need permanent legal residency for becoming a citizen.

Sorry if I don t answer but I am flying to Corea tonight and for the next 35 hours.

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I´m trying to find information about getting permanent residency/citizenship in Argentina, and while doing web searches the company ARCA pops up. Does anyone have any experience getting permanent residency with ARCA? Can anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer that has success in this area? I´m currently in Buenos Aires.

Hi Alex, I used this lawyer to get my residency/DNI. They are pretty reasonably priced, speak English, and are pretty well connected with immigrations.

Gabriel Celano
Anyone who uses a lawyer or an agency to get a visa is throwing away thier money.

This isn't the USA and getting a visa is not a judicial proceedure.

For several years I have recommended the woman who went with me when I applied for my visa and renewed it the first time.

Two members of the forum have recently taken advantge of her skills.

One got the visa temporaria for the first time. The other is getting permanent residency (on the third renewal).

The cost to each: $200 USD.

Please contact me if you would like to save the big bucks rather than spending them.
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is to (a) research all options, (b) look at their track record, (c) get references, and (d) get a 100% money back guarantee.

What person who works hours and hours and hours of times for you would give 100% of your money back?

I've paid a set fee up front with the balance due if/when judges, various Government agencies, & the Constitution allow me to obtain what I'm hoping for. Even visas offer a risk. I can't imagine a 100% money back guarantee.

But to each his/her own.

I'm more than comfortable with my arrangement with BC. As are the others who are going through the same process. If there was a 100% guarantee, I would think that the fee would be much higher and it would all be up front. Or at least it would be if I were the lawyer.
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Hi Alex, I used this lawyer to get my residency/DNI. They are pretty reasonably priced, speak English, and are pretty well connected with immigrations.

Gabriel Celano
I met with this guy about a year and a half ago (maybe 20 to 21 months ago) because he came highly recommended from several people.

He asked me a few questions and then told me that I didn't qualify for anything. My only hope was to register full time for classes and try to get a student visa. Then after 3 years, I might be able to apply for permanent residency.

The one thing that he did tell me for certain was that if I had met with him when I first arrived in 2007 (when I was only planning on staying for 2 months), then I would have permanent residency already. (This was May-ish 2010.) I was really glad to know that because that didn't help me for $#!+.

So then I met with BC and after thinking about it, we got the ball rolling. Hopefully this will all be done just a little past 1 year after filing the first papers vs 3+ years and a "vamos a ver" that I found out I wasn't even eligible for.

I have interacted with Gabriel Celano as well. He is a decent chap, speaks excellent English and is NOT a con.

What i found lacking in him is that even he is limited in knowledge.What papers need to be presented at Migraciones is no secret. Their are several reports here discussing those papers. Gabriel fails to add anything new. He is not that expensive but lets put it in this way...he is a bit dumb.

I would say if you do NOT have papers in order, the best 2 options in BA are "ARCA" and "Bajo Cera". Arca is extremely expensive but always have a solution. BC is much cheaper and a EXTREMELY well informed chap who understands law in the real sense.

ACRA and Gabriel are best options for permanent residency
BC is the best option for your citizenship application.

Amongst the three, BC is the cheapest...and ACRA is the most expensive.
Amongst the three, ACRA seems to lie the most.
Amongst the three, ACRA is the oldest.

I would say that you don't really need a lawyer for applying for residency unless its a difficult case and your papers are not in order.