Residency & ARCA


I´m trying to find information about getting permanent residency/citizenship in Argentina, and while doing web searches the company ARCA pops up. Does anyone have any experience getting permanent residency with ARCA? Can anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer that has success in this area? I´m currently in Buenos Aires.

Hi alex
My girlfriend knows of a good gestor who may be able to help you.She certainly helped me. I'll ask her for the details.
I think a gestor is an immigration lawyer based in BA. Hopefully someone else will clarify if I'm not precise here.
A "gestor" is an intermediary or agent whose job is to take the burden and hassle of administrative, judicial or economical proceedings off of the shoulders of his/her clientele. They can have an university degree or not. Be careful, some are sharks. You don't need them or any company if you have the guts to do it yourself. Plenty of information in spanish.
Can anybody explain IN DETAIL any of the important differences between the various types of resident alien visas? I definitely qualify for the pensioner's visa and, from what I've found in English, for the financier's visa. But what I need to know is if either of these visas would allow my wife to work or own a business with less than a $34k(US) investment in said business in Argentina? (that's the magic # for the entrepreneur's visa)

Anybody got the skinny?
As far I can tell from the government website, once you get the resident status, your wife will fall in this category :
"Padres, conyuges, hijos solteros menores de 21 años e hijos discapacitados de residentes permanentes"
"Parents,spouses,unmarried children under the age of 21 and disadvantaged children of permanent residents"
So she will qualify for the sole fact of being related to you. Translating the rest of the information will be a pain with my limited english skills, so excuse me.
Thanks, but I already knew she would qualify as my spouse for the pensioner's visa. I'm just wondering if she can work or own a business in Argentina if she comes there on that visa.
Gestor isn t a lawyer, gestor means paralegal. I suggest you never use gestores because when there is an issue, instead of using legal tools to fix it (to appeal) gestores have the tendency to cheat requirements. You case is accepted and later you have a deportation order. So, it is better that you control the papers that are submited.

If you want to apply for residency, then you don t need a lawyer or a paralegal.

You mentioned you were interested about permanent residency, this is only available after 3 years of legal residency or straight is you have argentine spounse or child.

There is a category for retired people and you have all the info you need at the immigration website.

Regarding citizenship, the info I read at the website you mentioned is not accurate because is based on an abolished law.

You can apply for citizenship even been irregular, illegal or with a deportation order enacted. You need at least 1 year in Argentina, spounse or child; an honest way of income and a clean criminal record in the last 5 years. However, even if you have criminal records, your case should be properly studied because there are many exceptions.

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