Restaurant Recommendations


I have a closed-door vietnamese restaurant. I started it in September 08. Dinner includes appetizers, dinner, dessert/tea, and beverages (wine, beer, water). And like an good asian host, I encourage my guests to eat as much as possible. Please try us out.


My opinion...steak over here is not as good as people say. You have to go to a very expensive restaurant to get a decent piece of meat. Otherwise it's all cafeteria grade. I did hear Kansas, modeled after the famous Houstons chain in the US, has the best beef.

I've been to Juana M and they have decent meat and a great salad bar which is free if your entree is above 25 pesos. All porteno crowd.


I would recommend California Burrito company, they've just opened up one in Palermo soho on Godoy Cruz (near honduras) and it's one of most delicious places i've eaten at in a long time. Otherwise Sarkis is good on thames and jufre.