Returning to Argentina

Bill Raynor

I last visited Buenos Aires in 2008, when I stayed for 6 months. After more than a10 year absence, I'm wondering how much has changed. I know that inflation has run wild. When I left Argentina, the Peso traded at 5 per US Dollar! I stayed in Palermo, and that is still my neighborhood of choice, unless there is something that I don't know about.


Welcome back! Not a lot has changed. The dollar has pretty much kept up with inflation. If you enjoyed your stay in 2008 you will probably have a similar experience this time around. You no longer have to carry moneda for colectivos. You will need to get a subte card. You won't have to ask taxi drivers if they can change a 100 peso bill. You'll need to bring a debit or credit card that reimburses instant teller fees. Open a free Charles Schwab account before you come.


A lot of things are better, and some things are worse. But you are probably not going to be expecting to live on an income of pesos earned here, so most likely, you will find it quite nice. Food choices are better, restaurants are better, as mentioned the logistics of transport are easier, they have Uber now, and some things are still mysteriously complicated and slow.