Review of Bellissimo ("El Bar del Piano") - San Telmo


Feb 17, 2008
Bellissimo ("El Bar del Piano") - San Telmo / Mexico y Piedras / 4342-0830

Bottom line: disappointing on a Thursday night but maybe better on Fri. and Sat.

I saw an ad for this place in a free tabloid promoting San Telmo. The ad says "jazz en vivo" so I thought I'd give it a try. The ad also says that it's open de 8 a 24hrs, which I thought strange but since I am an "early to bed" type the early closing was OK.

I called yesterday (Thursday) and they said there would be live music starting at 9pm. I got there a little after 9 and there was a guy on a keyboard and a sax player. But they were clearly practicing, as if they maybe hadn't played together before, not performing. At least they were playing the kind of music I like, I could follow the melody and beat and the volume was ear friendly. I'd call what they were playing "traditional jazz".

They continued this practicing until about 9:40 and then broke until almost 11pm. When they resumed it sounded more like they were performing rather than practicing but they only played until about 11:25. Then the waitress told me something in Spanish which I did not understand and then she just brought me my bill and it seemed that everyone was leaving so I paid my bill and left.

The food was inexpensive but the chicken deshuesado which I ordered was also much smaller than served in other restaurants. The menu was rather limited.

So I was disappointed but it's possible that it's different on a Friday or Saturday night. I hope that someone will try it on a Friday or Saturday night and report back.