RF radiation from cell phone towers in BA


Apr 7, 2008
Yesterday i received a flyer about RF radiation near cellphone towers or base stations, they claim that over 100 people died within a few blocks of a cell phone tower here in Buenos Aires, looking around I see them all over BA, and it probably is no regulating authority here either? could there be some truth in this?
It reminds me an anecdote or may be it is a true story who knows.

In a small town a huge phone tower was built. People immediately started to complain about headaches, irritation, nausea, fatigue etc. They called for a town council meeting and invited representatives of the phone company. Representatives listened to the numerous complaints and said: "Just wait what will happen when we turn it on."
Oh my, I guess I have just not been looking in the upwards direction lately. I can not say that I have seen one of these..or maybe I have and did not know that it was THAT. What do they look like? Not that it worries me, you are more likely to die of being run over by the bus here than megatons of radiation.
I know in California they make it look like palm trees (and such) and blend it in with the rest of the trees used in landscaping and all. I also know that the cellphone companies pay big $$ for putting one of these on your property. Maybe it is the same here in BsAs?