Riots in Mar Del Plata


Oct 25, 2005
I hear there has been quite a riot in Mar Del Plata against Bush and the proposed Free Trade Agreement (that will cover North and South America). I salute the demonstraters; Bush appears to be as unpopular in Argentina as he is here in the USA. Vive La Argentina!
i dont think you'd be saying that if you saw the needless vandalism and torching of local businesses in Mar del P and BA that happened yesterday. It was simply mindless thuggery, perpetrated by equally mindless idiots egged on by Chavez and Maradona et al.
My apologies; I thought it was a peaceful demo. I only heard about the torching of buildings late last night. I'm no fan of either Maradona or Chavez. However, I'm implacably opposed to the FTAA, and I don't much care for Bush.
Well, those 'thugs' were certainly in the minority and Bush is a MAJOR CRIMINAL in comparision.
Regardless of our opinions regarding Chavez and Madrona, one should be mindful that the four Marine helicopters that accompanied El Bush had a complete complement of weapons including two small nuclear missils. I find the idea that a head of state should come invited to Argentina locked and loaded, especially with nuclear capability, rather alarming.

Also note that El Bush requested not to be remotely within the same room as Fidel Castro? USSA policy is more than I can bare. For you youngn's out there who might not remember, the Argentine military juntas of the 1970s-80s were supported by the USA government until the last two years. And the reason the IMF is just a problem is because the USSA was more than happy to encourage the despots in charge at the time to take as much money as they could carry. I'm surprised Airforce One didn't have a mechanical problem winging it down here.