Rugby in Buenos Aires


Jan 14, 2010

I've just moved to BA from Scotland, and am renting a flat just a little bit out of town in San Isidro. I'm a keen rugby player and am looking to join a club in the city. Does anyone here follow the sport and can they make any suggestions? I know the two biggies - S.I.C and Club Atletico- are close at hand, but they're big names so I'm not sure. What I'm really after is somewhere reasonably friendly, with maybe an English speaker or two, and other members willing to tolerate my beginner Spanish until it improves. Any ideas?

Hiya. I have many Argie mates here that play rugby. Yea you're right there are 2 big clubs in San Isidro that play rugby but there are many more. If you want more info on clubs PM me, because I know my local mates will be more than willing to make you welcome at their clubs. They've done it for other foreigners on this site that I have introduced to them. And english is not a problem - they speak it well.
i am an irish expat and i am living in san isidro too. i am planning to join a club in the next week or two. i have a friend at work who plays with san fernando. they are not as a big a club as the other two you mentioned but he was recommending the club.
have you found a club yet?
feel free to give me a call 1565587883