Running Group / Want to run next weekend?


Jun 4, 2009
Hey everyone. I thought I would see if a few people want to get together to run in Parque 3 de Febrero next Saturday or Sunday. I run about 10-11 minutes per mile (but am fine going a bit slower). Let me know if you are interested and I'll post a meeting place / time. Otherwise feel free to email me directly [email protected]
Also, I'd love to do a 10K or 5K in the city...if you know of any coming up or where to find information about races please let me know!
Hey everyone - Run with expats this Sunday, June 28, at 11 AM.
Where: Please meet outside the Minister Carrenza stop (on the D Line), on the Cabildo side. There is a tiny park outside the substation and you will see a Shell Gas Station on your right.
Who: Me! Joanna (American from Dallas) I'll be wearing black capri running pants, and a v-neck pink tank top. Please let me know if you are coming (my email is below)
Run: We will run for about 45 min - hour around a few lakes in the parks that make up Parque Tres De Febrero, about 10-11 minutes a mile (but feel free to track ahead / behind).

Email me if you are coming! [email protected]
Joanna - I am presently back in Ireland, but when I arrive permanently later in the year, I would love to join in the group and help out too - as I coach too! Keep me in the loop here, or via email - I have mailed you :)