Mar 25, 2007
I am trying to get an idea of what professional salaries are these days. If there are some Argentine readers out there or expats who have Argentine spouses, could you give me an idea of how much you or your spouse earns, how old you are and what type of work you do, position in company etc.
Hi, The salary depends on really a lot of things such: language skills, university title, years of experience at all and in the company, relations with the boss, the company, evaluation results and of course the area you work in.Havin 3 - 5 years of experience you might earn: - 2000 pesos (consultant in communication)- 4000 pesos (finance specialist)- 4500 and an assistant (marketing senior specialist)Hope it helps! ;)
Wow, I'm shocked to hear that a Finance Specialist with 3 - 5 years experience would only earn an average of 4,000 Pesos monthly. I'm probably comparing this to the European rate of pay, but even still, it seems to be extremely low.

In light of growing inflation in Argentina, would it not make it difficult for even the Finance Specialist to live a decent life if s/he is only earning 4,000 Pesos??
The more I read some of the posts on this forum, the less inclined I am to move to BA!
Quoting "Paulk": "Wow, I'm shocked to hear that a Finance Specialist with 3 - 5 years experience would only earn an average of 4,000 Pesos monthly. . . ."
Argentina -- indeed, Latin America -- is not the place to win fame and fortune through credentials or hard work, Paulk. If that's what you seek, you may wish to try the United States or to stay in Europe.
But Buenos Aires does offer attractive big-city life, even if (as it seems) that life is becoming dearer by the day.
Thanks for your post.
I realise that in general Latin America isn't a place to make money. But I'm just curious to hear from people living there who are on salaries of 4,000 pesos/month- what type of lifestyle can you have? I'm very interested to know.


Decent life if you are single, good life if you have a partner who´s bringing in more then 2000 peso
If you want to earn more money and live in Latin America move to Santiago, Sao Paulo or Mexico DF
Paulk, based on what I hear from my friends, $4,000 pesos is a good salary. A lawyer friend in his 30's earns less than $2,000 pesos a month; a doctor I know earns $5,000. These are net salaries. Most people seldom ever eat out, if they have a car they keep it for many years, they can not travel abroad etc. Most Argentines earn far, far less.
I do know many people who make over 4000 pesos a month . They do this by running their own business and working hard. I do beleive that wages will rise substantially over the next few years as will prices .
Quoting "pericles": ". . . . I do beleive that wages will rise substantially over the next few years as will prices."
I can see that prices likely will rise greatly but, perhaps through ignorance, am skeptical of a commensurate rise in wages. Would you be so kind as to tell us why you expect this, Pericles?
There are around 13 million people in Greater Buenos Aires. Let us assume that this 5% earn over $4,000 pesos a month - you have a lot of people. I agree that the best way to make money in Argentina by being an entrepreneur and, like Pericles, I know people who work a lot and earn a lot by local standards (a fraction of what they could make in the US even in these times of economic meltdown). Making money here is tough, though. Labor laws are extremely hard on employers, taxes are very high and government is highly bureaucratic. Having said this, the fact remains that most people make a lot less than $4,000 pesos a month and professionals such as accountants, lawyers, doctors etc. make poor salaries by first world standards. With both partners working they can manage to get by. Saving for a home, though, is about impossible especially with almost no mortgages available. There has been some increase in salaries, especially for union workers but not so much for professionals. If salaries go up a lot (unlikely) in the future inflation will follow and the benefit of the increases will be negated.