Jul 9, 2009
Hey guys

Anyone want to go salsa dancing this weekend???

I'm feeling the urge to salsa dance and was wondering if anyone wanted to come with or knew where to go. From searching the forum i found three salsa places (Azucar, Abasto and Belgrano) mentioned but no reviews or details. If anyone has been could you let me know which ones and what to expect? If anyone wants to come with that would be awesome.

Thanks guys
Hey NoV...You should try La Viruta. It has some good reviews and my friends have been there. This is the site , (site can be viewed in English too).
This is how it works. They have one hour classes in the evening and after that they open their big floor for practice. On Fridays, its Salsa lessons for an hour (from 9-10 pm) and later you can dance as long as its open (6 in the morning :) ). I hear it draws good crowds, I am planning to check it out this weekend too.
I am back in Hawaii until Feb., but there is a fun Salsa club Thursday nights in San Telmo. It is called Syrah (not sure of the spelling) and it's on the corner of Mexico and Balcarse. They open around 11 pm or midnight until the wee hours. My friend Monica started a group on Facebook call Buenos Aires Salseros. If you join you will be hooked into the local Salsa community. I went to Syrah several times and it seemed to get more popular each time I went. They play mostly Salsa with a bit of Raggaeton.
No cover charge the times I went.
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