Salta Information


Feb 21, 2009
I am thinking of going to Salta sometime at the end of June for 2-3 days. I have never been and just considering it at the moment. I was wondering if anyone knows any companies in Argentina that sells packages to foreigners for Salta. I will be in Buenos Aires at the time so I am just looking for flights from BA and possibly accommodation. I am a student as well and was wondering if there is a student tourist company in Argentina that would have packages to Salta.
Thank You!
Conor, I found all the information on Salta that I needed to start by going to the "provincial house" in Buenos Aires. It's on one of the diagonals just east of the obelisk, and it has a wealth of pamphlets, plenty of free advice, and an interesting little display as well.
I would suggest you just buy tickets to Salta and reserve first night at the hotel. Then once you are there you can find plenty of agencies that make day tours to Jujuy mountains or even if you want couple of days tours. If you do not like crowds there are also some private guides / drivers who will take you around.
But do understand, travelling in Argentina is pretty expensive for foreigners. Domestic flights are really expensive. From BA to Salta around EUR 300,-. Hotels in that area are not too expensive and day tours are around USD 45,-. These prices are from the Christmas time 2008.

But to Salta is cheap but probably takes around 24 hours. If you have time you could consider that.
I think I will fly regardless of the price as I am only back in Argentina for a month. Plus I am quite put off by super long bus trips. I have been quoted 260 euro for a return from BA mid-week. It's funny as it is almost half the price I paid to get from Dublin to BA! Thanks for the help! It's been a big help as I am starting from scratch considering this. Do you have any hotel recommendations?