Salto, Uruguay


Apr 13, 2007
I would like to go with my girlfriend the next long weekend to Salto, Uruguay.
1: Any hotel recomendations?
2: Is the trip with Buquebus-bus about the same time as by bus to Concordia?
3: Will the Concordia - Salto bridge be blocked, and is there another way to cross it?
4: Any other recomendations for Spa´s a couple of hours away from Capital?
5: We can travel frydays at around 20.00h and need to be back in BA tuesday before 11. What would you suggest? Travel saturday morning and travel back monday afternoon?
you know you can take the buquebus boat and it can drop you in colonia or montevideo and you can either rent a car or take a bus to where you want to go. I would think it would be faster then taking a bus if you go by boat.
The spas are several kms. outside of town. the water is quite warm. I went to the Daimon one. hotels were grouped around the springs.
Salto is a nice old small city by the way. Not that exciting, but a nice walk around, river views etc. also has a commercial ave. with lots going on on weekend nights. You might want to check out the city one night. if you want an odd way to cross back into argentina, there is a small boat that runs several times a day only and i heard there is an immigration booth somewhere in the middle.