San Pedro hotel recommendation needed


Can anyone recommend a decent place to stay in San Pedro that doesn't cost a fortune? I know about the two Howard Johnsons. Unfortunately their prices are as high as in the US.


I always go to San Pedro sometimes once a month my mother in law lives there. A friend stayed at Hotel Natural and this Hotel Costa Azul I know is not expensive but I haven`t been there myself but is always crowded so it can`t be bad I guess. San Pedro has a web page also to have a look. I like San Pedro a lot if you go try to book a room in advance. There are also temporary flats I heard 400 pesos per weekend you can find them easily they are advertised in web pages and in San Pedro with big signs

A metros de la barranca y boulevard
En el casco histórico de la ciudad de San Pedro. 32 habitaciones con baño Privado, calefacción, agua, caliente, aire acondicionado, TV y Cocheras. Consultas únicamente por teléfono.
Pellegrini 55 - San Pedro - Tel: (03329) 42-6297