san telmo bar hop


Aug 27, 2008
hey every one
my self and my friend have just moved to BA and are ñiving in san telmo,
we are both 23 year old chicas, from london, we are here studding spanish, teaching english and having a lot of fun!
any one up for a bar hop round san telmo next sunday evening, making new friends and sampling some of san telmos pretty cool bars and cafes!?
lucy and natasha
Hi guys!

I am working with a pub crawl company which hits selected bars and clubs in the santelmo and palermo barrios 4 nights a week.... good people, great fun... and this Friday we do a booze cruise somewhere on the delta!
Tonight we meet at 686 chile next to hostel cyrano.
check the website,
Maybe see you there, say Raymond sent you, chau!
hey are yall still going? if so i'd be interested in joining you im 21 and studying here for the semester
It really doesn't matter if you are "21". Here, the legal age is "18"...
...but even that doesn't matter.
i was simply pointing out that we're close in age. but thanks for your concern regarding my knowledge on argentinean nightlife

Just moved into a flat in San Telmo too. I'm from London as well. Sunday sounds great if it's still on. I'm here until January writing a book - lived here for a few months in 2005, but don't have that many contacts anymore.

Hello there!
I'd love to come too, well if it's still on..
I m not British but I lived in London for a year. I'm currently staying in San Telmo.

Hi guys! Anything set up for tonite? Let me know what´s up OK?
It´s best to organize by mail: mine is [email protected]
No more time for now, but I know of other great things to do, between expats and locals.
Cheers, Joe
Hi everyone,
I'm so bummed that I didn't read about the bar hop until this afternoon! Let me know if you plan another one anytime soon. I recently moved back to BA from the US, I'm 22 and teaching English (like everyone else, ha!). I would love to meet some new people. Send me an email if anything is planned, please! [email protected] Thanks a lot and I hope to meet some of you soon!
Hi All,

Not sure if anything happened yesterday - but am up for doing something later this week - maybe at the weekend down in San Telmo?

Anyone around on Friday night?