School recommendations?


Jul 31, 2006
Hi, I'm moving to Buenos Aires with my 3-year-old daughter and I'm looking for a good kindergarten for her. Can anyone recommend somewhere? It doesn't have to be bilingual because I want her to learn Spanish, just a good, safe, loving school. Please help!
Hi Claudi, I know some k-gardens around Acassuso but you need to tell us where you plan on living, i.e. what "barrio" or what suburban area. If you know your address already that will help since I suppose you want to walk your child to school and not put her on a bus for a long ride. Or will you decide to move near a good KG? In that case Martinez-Acassuso are nice areas to live and bring up kids. Regards, Joe
Claudi, I also live in Acassuso and have several friends here who have their kids in school. I can also give you some contacts in both city and suburbs for families with kids in various schools, bilingual and no bilingual - they are often expats married to me at [email protected]