Searches at airport?


I understand you were born quite recently.

This has been everybody's SOP WAY before I was born, a half a century ago. Believe you me, the Customs Officers are not idiots nor were they born last night. They are quite aware of all these practices and people's regular behaviour.
They're also assigned at those posts for a relatively brief period of time and to make as much money as possible while it lasts. That's why, among other things, they do not bother wasting time with foreigners but are out to milk the nationals. That is also SOP.


Sorry to bump an old thread, but I got a question for the expats on board:

I'm going to be moving to BA in a soonish, to study Spanish the enroll in university (hopefully). I'm planning on hopefully staying for several years. Due to this I have a bunch of stuff I'm bringing, among them are: my tacky souvenirs from all the countries I've visited, my collection of metal license plates of states I've been to, a ton of legalized documents from the Argentine consulate, a laptop, a tablet, an iPhone 5, a Blackberry, a digital camera, and my video game console, video games, and controllers. Then add clothes and Dr. Pepper, peanut butter, recess, and two small gifts.

Needless to say we're talking wayyyy over $300.00 (well at the officia...I mean only exchange rate...) and with all the metal I'm going to lite up the X-Ray machine like a Christmas tree, so my question is has anyone done similar things like this, and got waved through? I make a very convincing gringo, YO-no-hah-blas Es-pan-ole and the like.

Is it too risky to do? Should I just leave/sell stuff? And it's AEP NOT EZE coming in from Brasil.