Second hand furniture?


Jul 27, 2008
Hi, anyone know any good place to get second hand furniture (not antique)?
I hear there's a permanent fair/market in Palermo, on weekends, Dorrego and Honduras may be? I went there like a year ago and couldn't find anything decent, and the few things I liked were too expensive.
BTW let me know if you need a futon, a friend of mine is moving and needs to get rid of it I'll send you a picture if you are interested
I think in the flea market on Dorrego & Honduras you will find mostly antiques or recycled old furniture.

I Think the best bet for decent second hand furniture are the Open house sales of expats leaving the country, every so often they come up...
Craigslist etc... might help...

You are looking for specific pieces of furniture or in general?
You can try craigslist too. sometimes people who are leaving list stuff there.

What do you need specifically. I have somethings in storage & when I get them out I can see what I have.
I'm looking to get a double bed (dos plazas only) and a wardrobe
There´s an expat moving sale going on unfortunately none of the items are those that you require but am posting it in case it is of interest to anyone else,

AD: Moving Sale La Lucila/Olivos (UPDATED)

Posted by: "southamericanvirgo" [email protected] southamericanvirgo

Wed Jun 3, 2009 3:02 pm (PDT)

Everything in Pesos EXCEPT MERVIVA

Merviva Cheverlot 2004 10,000 (negotiable)
Stainless Steel Dish Drainer/Rack 60
Trivial Pursuit Game (new) 40.00
Various Books on Pregnancy 20
Ba Restaurant Guides 20
Size 8.5 Choc.Brown Cowgirl Boots (Larry's TX) 300 worn 3 or 4 times
Bath Caddy 5
Showercurtain/ Accessories 45
Decorations for baby room 50
2 Alarm Clocks 35 each
TV Sanyo (mas o menos condition) yr:99 only
works with DirecTV 100
RGB (20ft) 100
Weider Weight Bench with weights/bar 850
7kg Dumbells 50
YPF Guia Argentina includes map bodegas/vino 50
Fire Extinguisher never used 50
Extension cord 9m 30
14 m tennis net (used in backyard) 150
Roytoy Plastic Swing 100
3 Shelve Unit metal/vinyl (carrefour) 70
Black Table Lamp 30
Screwgun Skill 100
Electric Jigsaw 100
Electric Heater 30
Glass Table with Blue Metal Legs (our compu table) 150
Glass Top Kitchen Table with 4 white vinyl chairs
all with metal legs 600
Long Thin Glass/Aluminum Sofa Table 70
Red Computer Table Lamp 25
Blender Oster 80
PS3 Game: Grand Theft Auto iv 60
PS3 Game: Oblivion 60
PS3 Game: MetalGearSolid4 60
Check on Fridays for weekend sales.

Also here Cottolengo Don Orione, Cachi 566, Pompeya. Tel.: 4911-9776.

Ejercito de Salvacion
- Salvation Army - Av. Saez 580, Pompeya, Tel.: 4912-0677. Muebles usados. De lunes a viernes de 9 a 12hs y de 14 a 18hs. Sabados: de 9 a 13hs.http://http//

Feria de la baulera: Sábados y domingos, de 11 a 19, Azcuénaga 1654

Compra y Venta Muebles Usados - Rodríguez Peña 154 Piso PB
Centro (San Nicolás) - Ciudad de Buenos Aires

El Fuerte -
A Alsina 2031 Once (Balvanera) - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
(011) 4952-6394

La Española - Moreno 2999 Once (Balvanera) - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
(011) 4931-6989
Fettucini said:
I'm looking to get a double bed (dos plazas only) and a wardrobe

Sorry, I don't have those. I have smaller things like TV stand, night tables, an upholstered bench (banquette), etc. There was a wardrobe on craigslist recently.

Good luck with your search!