Seeking advice, tips, and wisdom on the subject of moving to Argentina


Aug 31, 2022
Hey everyone!

I’m an American (25) who wants very much to move to Argentina. I have a college degree in biological sciences and some coding experience. I’m in the process of looking into jobs in BA and remote jobs based in the USA that give me he freedom to travel. Does anyone here know anything about:
1. Tips/experience on getting remote work
2. Tips/experience working in Argentina
3. Knowledge of long stay visa/working visa/digital nomad visa
4. Advice based on your own experience moving down to Argentina
5. Absolutely anything else any of you might consider sharing about your own experiences :)

Thank you all so much!
It won't come as any surprise that you are not the first person to ask these questions and and to learn that the topics you list - and many more - are regularly discussed in these forums. If you spend a few days browsing through the threads and then use the search facility to find and follow specifics, you will find everything you need. Good luck!
Yes I realized a little while after that that was the case. I’ll be perusing the threads for sure. Thanks man!
Nope, never. But I have to Ecuador and Paraguay and I have family from BA that will help me get settled
gotcha. i think that's important context because often time argentina gets a lot of wanderlust from people who have no idea of realities here :)

1. Tips/experience on getting remote work
finding remote jobs may not be as easy as you think. my arg gf has been looking for almost a year now for remote work paying in USD, and there are not many opportunities. you might be better off finding something before you leave, but keep in mind companies might want you to be authorized to work where you live. so you would need residency/visa in place to live here and work remote.

2. Tips/experience working in Argentina
you should go ahead and forget about working a local job here. not only will you get paid peanuts compared to what you will earn outside, and there are many other complications you will face. not worth it.
Keep in mind that if even if you do find remote work in usd it will likely been at a lower rate compared to what you will earn in the US. US companies use the cheap wage requirements of args as an advantage.

You may or may not be ok with that as the cost of living in usd in Arg is pretty low. So it is easy to exist and live in the moment. It all depends on your long term and short term goals but it's important to know that you will most likely will not be able to save a great deal.

Would be a great idea if you want to have an experience for a year or so and just live a foreign life experience. If you're goal is to make money and save for us retirement or whatever it's not a great idea.

Good luck.
Sadly this place is a financial pit. Short term you could pull it off.
I loved this place for the first few months. Now I'm making an exit plan. Its just too unstable for long term commitments. 😞
(nice country side, great food, excellent tourist experience)
Go for it!
If you have family ties to Argentina, you may be able to get citizenship for the asking, though I have no expertise in that field whatsoever.
In any case, you're 25, your life is before you, and there's damn little future for your generation in the USA.

Admittedly, Argentina is a dumpster fire in a train wreck right now, but I love this place, with all my heart. I hope to live the rest of my life here.

Yes, there are many pitfalls. Between the viudas negras and the muchachas con manija, even going on a date can be dangerous, but isn't that also true, to some extent, in the US of A today?

So, hey, Montrose's Toast -

"He either fears his fate too much,
Or his desserts are small,
Who dares not put it to the touch,
To win or lose it all!"

N.B. In this context, "desserts" means what you deserve, not the sweet after dinner. I saw some clown online had used Google Translate and came up with "postres".
1. Don't look for work in Argentina. Local wages are horrendous.

2. Remote work isn't hard to find if you're going to be a developer. Start on something like Upwork, build a client base, and expand from there. If you do a good job, you'll get referrals and on going work.