seeking advice from gym rats


Aug 30, 2012
I'm moving down there soon. I am a bit of a health nut. I'm currently on a daily regimen that includes a couple of different supplements including: fish oil, flax seed, B6, B12, protein powder, and creatine. For those of you who work out, do you know if any of these are available in BsAs? If so, what is the price range (particularly creatine)? I've been going under the assumption that these are not readily available. I was going to bring a 6 month supply with me, but am fairly certain this stuff will draw unwanted attention from customs. I've been reading the forums here for a while, and have read several horror stories. If I can't get these supplements in BsAs, what should I do? Should I bring them with me and possibly pay a tax on them, or should I send them to myself via FedEx or DHL? Any feedback is appreciated. Suggestions on gyms in Palermo Soho (I know, typical tourist neighborhood) are also welcome. Thanks guys.
They do have it, they have supplements here. My fiance gets creatine, glutamina, and some protein shake from our gym, and a friend of mine here showed me this link:

I have no idea what these things cost in the states or elsewhere but like everything else I've been told it's more expensive here. FWIW if you want to bring it with you you shouldn't have a problem, I brought a supplement thing once for a friend and had zero issues.
A lot of the main supplements are pretty easy to get although vary in quality, there are a few specialist shops with better products at higher prices too. The best mix iv found so far is from (, plus they deliver it too you for free.

Before i found it here i tried to order from the states, i got a pick up slip from the postman, spent an afternoon at the local courier office to get my stamp then made 2 failed attempts to wait in the horrendous queue at the collection office. Not ordered anything since!

Bringing mass amounts of anything here through EZE seems to be luck of the draw, heard / read a lot of bad things but i brought a large rucksack full to the brim with indian spices and colombian coffee and didn't even get a look. Would hate to be one of the unlucky ones
Recently, I brought a 32" suitcase full of supplements for 6 months with no problems at the customs.
Is that you in the picture Ceviche? I see you've been putting those supplements to good use! :D

My husband bought some vitamins/supplements and they were somewhat expensive. You can price check things on mercadolibre and see how it compares.
As far as gyms go, there is a crossfit gym at 5955 Honduras that is good, and there is a Megatlon in the Alto Palermo shopping.
The Megathlon is a very nice gym, lots of classes and well maintained machines, the same goes for Sports club.
The quality of the gyms are very different and so are the prices.

Megathlon and Sports club are about 110 USD a month, while the smaller ones are a lot cheaper but the quality isn't all that.
you can find those products here. and depending on what you used to buy in the US, the cost is similar. tub of protein for the equivalent of $30-40 USD.

Creatine can be found in a lot of pharmacies but it's not as cheap as in the US and only a few options as far as local brands.

same for the fish oils and vitamins although i have seen the "good 'n natural" brand here.

i've seen BCAA's for sale here too but that was expensive (for me, in pesos) and the content per serving sucks. that would be the only thing i would bring. no problems coming through customs with a couple of tubs the first time i came... you get problems when you order from abroad, as mentioned.

good luck with your travels. don't worry about coming in through customs.
NYC gym fanatic here. Best gym overall is Megatlon in Nunez (clean, big, equipped) where I have an excellent trainer (Dani Descals = 150 pesos-- expensive but worth it). Next best is Megatlon in Paseo Alcorta shopping center. After that its is a slipery slide with gyms (not clean, low ceilings, old machines, dirty mats, creepy locker rooms, etc.).