Sept. 2008...Job?


May 6, 2008
Hi everyone! Seems like there are many of I'll try to stand out. Still ironing out some details but hoping to move to BA in Sept. 2008...Living in NYC by way of University of Pennsylvania/Philly by way of NY back a ways...

Looking for a JOB with HEALTH INSURANCE for 1 year employment. Any ideas where to start?
Looking forward to hearing back.Hayley
You are about to get 20 replys that say. If you are looking for a job here. Don't bother. Sorry.
I am here looking for work - and yes, it's not easy - but I am still hopeful something is going to open up. *(with all my recent posts I'm starting to feel a little like 'michael' in that old cereal commercial!?) A little naive maybe - but honestly this attitude has always landed me good fortune in my life. I 'm curious with the cynicism here - how does everyone stay? Is everyone earning money from their respective countries still? Living off savings/trust funds? Or here via a job from another pais? Maybe came and started your own business? Is there anyone out there who found a good job while living here? I'd love to read more input on this subject.