Sexual Abuse On Flights


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Not sure if it qualifies as sexual abuse, but one of the first times I flew down here (being 23 or 24), I was seated next to a man who was about 50. I was by the window and he had the aisle seat. After a brief chat, found out he was coming down for business.
He fell asleep pretty quickly, and as I was settling in, he laid his arm across my lap. Thinking he had just passed out and maybe wasn't use to tight quarters, I pushed his arm off. Until he did it a second time... and I became suspicious he wasn't really sleeping. I shoved his arm off, wedged the pillow between our seats so he couldn't slide it over, and then couldn't sleep the rest of the flight for fear he might try sonething else. I thought about asking a flight attendant to be moved, but the plane was pretty packed, and I didn't want to cause trouble or a scene.
Maybe he was just unaware, but I doubt it. Pretty uncomfortable.
Guy was American, for what it's worth.
No doubt the guy was well aware of what he was doing. Next time report him and request a seat change.
Sexual abuse is pretty straightforward, but I am curious to see how Argentina is responding to the nonstop every day a different one, accusations that are coming out after in some cases decades, of sexual harassment from people in powerful roles? I was having dinner the other night with a dear friend, a female who I’ve known for over a decade, and I joked that I wasn’t going to give her the traditional kiss greeting because of this whole sexual harassment wave happening and she laughed and said something to the extent of how, if that really were sexual harassment, Argentinian women (and men), in this culture, get sexually harassed on a daily basis. Thoughts?