shipping a container into Argentina


Apr 27, 2009
Just to let you know, Our container has arrived, and ... all the boxes in the back at the bottom of the container have been opened by AFIP. How they did that I don't know, only 1 box (with books) was damaged! So in case you want to bring 'illegal' things, putting them on a place that is 'hard to find' is no option.

On the other hand, they did not really check the list with goods, there was more then 1 pc, several bose loudspeakerssets, even food! No comment on that. They opened a box with kitchen appliances, obviously right out of a store, but no comment.

BTW they didn't find anything in the boxes in the back. I have no clue why they opened them...
When our container was arrived two of the few boxes that were open contained alcohol and wine which you are not supposed to bring. But they didn't say anything about it.

I do think that the containers probably go through x-rays for them to find the two boxes of bottles in the whole container.