Shoes in 41???


Oct 2, 2007
Hi there everybody,
I am from Germany and moved here a little while ago. I love the city and what comes with it, but I encountered my first real problem a few days ago when I found out, that women shoes are only sold in sizes up to 40. Well, I have 41 and most of the shoes I tried so far don't fit.
Any suggestions on where I can buy nice and fashionable shoes in 41????
Thanks and looking forward to your replies!
Curious to know to result of your quest, as I'm here to live a few months, so probably will need shoes ... size 41, tending to 42 ;-)!
I have size 41 too. I have lived here for 2 years, and I know three shops that do them (they are nice shoes too!).
Bottana, there is one on Republica de la India near Cabello. Italian style shoes.
Mishka, there are various ones across the city (mayeb you can google them). Quite trendy well made shoes.
Perrugia (there is one in the Galeria Pacifica) do boots to 41 (shoes to 40). Very good quality.
Also, some shoe shops size 40 is the equivalent of a European 41, so it´s worth giving it a try sometimes.
These days so many shoe styles can be worn by men or women. Check out men's shoe stores for flat walking shoes.
Find out where transvestites buy their shoes. I'm only half joking
i am a uk 8/9. i would recommend mishka or de maria (on las heras) every time.
Hi all, i recommend a shoe boutique called Frou Frou, you can find 41 there. If they don`t have, i know they can make it for you. The address is El Salvador 5856, this is Palermo Hollywood. The website
I'm reviving this thread because I have lived here for a few years and still have the hardest time finding shoes/sandals/boots in 40.5 - 41 (US 10).

Anyone know of any good shoes stores that carry larger sizes that don't cater to elderly ladies or transvestites?