Significant Holidays in BsAs

You have the Mother's Day in October, Father's Day in June, Christmas and New Year's Eve..what else would you suggest ( or have observed) as deemed significant Holidays in Argentina. I am trying to organize some gift giving sense into my calendar.
Noticably, Mother's Day is May in USA but is October in Argentina (that kind of thing).
thanks for the info Granadaiscool.
Wasn't there a talk of celebrating some US holiday like Thanksgiving Day in BsAs during the cold winter months of Argentina instead of the usual November? I saw that thread a few months back when someone said it was too hot in November to slave over a hot stove to cook turkey or something - if this idea is still smoldering somewhere, please drop me a line. A nice warm juicy roasted carved turkey with stuffing, mashed potato with gravy and all the trimmings sound very tempting these cold months.