Six Nations Rugby


Sep 18, 2009
Wales are playing England tomorrow Friday and I think kick off is around 1945 gmt.Although I may be wrong.
Anyone know if ESPN are showing it live?

Oops! Just found this:

Correction, the match is 4th Feb! Duuuuuuh! :)
Never mind, it's only the warm up game for the real teams.... Ireland play on Saturday the 5th :)
But we all like to beat the English Liam? :)
My Welsh blood will be there at Cardiff in spirit.
steady, let's not get ahead of ourselves!

does anyone know where i can watch the games, a decent place not just a sports dive? i know it's being covered by the BBC in the UK but i don't know about over here.

ah, a little bit of home for a night!

cheers. will put almost any sport on and tell you how to get it via internet

but the rugby tournament is on live directtv
OK - Roundup of the weekend.

England looked good in patches against Wales, and with three home games now, will be tough to dislodge.
Wales on the other hand are still unsure of who to play at Fly Half and are still in transition.

Ireland were terrible against Italy, and only Ronan's coolness managed to see us scrape a win, we can only get better.
Italy impressed, although they do not look dangerous in the backs, their forwards are as tough as anyone, and other teams, notably Scotland and Wales will have tough games.

France, by far the best performance of the weekend, looked assured in all quarters of the game, with away games with England & Ireland to test them, they could be Grand Slam contenders yet again.
Scotland, well, sadly still way short of the great Scotland sides of days gone by.

Next weekend will see easy an easy win for England over Italy, with Scotland & Wales playing for pride. Sunday sees the French at New Lansdowne, and I just hope that Good Ireland turn up, otherwise the French will embarass the boys in green at home.