So I've Decided To Sell My House But Where Will I Go?


Jul 27, 2006
Well, the buyer will actually be the one who determines the answer to that question.

That;s because Iiam offering to sell either my house or the outbuilding "as is" to someone who wants the same thing I did when I bought the property in 2010. I am not listing with any real estate agency and I am not advertising it for sale in the local market. I'm only going to post this on a couple of websites.

Anyone not interesting in knowing the "details"of the sale can stop reading this post at this point.

I have no desire to leave the property. I'll either stay in the house or move to the outbuilding after I convert it to a livable space. I really don't need to live in a four bedroom house and I would be happy to live in the "guest house" as it doesn't face the back of the main house and has an open view of land in the " front and there is a "field" of almost 6000 mtrs2 beside it (another lot for which I have separate papers and no desire to sell or develop).

When I bought the property in 2010 I was "planning" on subdividing the lot and offer the lot beside the house for sale (for someone to build on). I no longer want to do that.

​Something happened this past July that caused me (after a lot of thought) to change my plans. My brother (who was also my beneficiary for the property) was killed in an accident on a golf course. Hi son (my nephew and now my beneficiary) has a family with very young children cannot come here to live or even deal with my estate,

So here's the deal:I recently made a comment in a post that a "realistic" selling price for my house would be $180,000 USD $185K is the figure I came up with after making more exact calculations.

In another post I added that the price would be "discounted" for the cost of finishing (at least the exterior) of the quincho at the back of the house and making some repairs to the eaves of the house, etc. $10,000 USD will be more than enough for that. What the buyer does ti the interior will be their choice.

After doing the math the price the house is $133,000 "as is". The price for the outbuilding is $42,000 "as is" (but both include lots of extras).

Here's the math showing how I arrived at the two prices:

House: 150 mtr2 @ $650 per m2 finished construction = $97,500

Quincho: 75 mtr2 @ $325 per mtr2 unfinished construction = $24,375

I did not add any $ for the covered galerias: 50 mtrs2 around the house.

Land: 30 mtrs (front) X 36 mtrs = 1080 @ $20 USD per mtr2 = $21,600

Total: $143,475 USD

The outbuilding:

Present construction : 97 mtrs2 @ $250 per mtr2 = $24,200

Land: 1116 mtrs 2 @ $16 USD per mtr2 = $17,500

Total: $41,750

The land in the back is a bit larger because I will include a (deeded) 4 mtr x 36 mtr "driveway" from the street that must be included for private access. it is about 40 meters from the closest side of the house in the front (there would not be a shared driveway.

Both the house and the outbuilding include many extras. During the past four years I have been buying and refinishing antique (solid) wood doors and windows (including old kitchen cabinet doors) for the outbuilding and I have been buying antique light fixtures (interior and exterior) on Mercado Libre for both properties. They will be included with the sale at no additional cost.

There will be no real estate commission on the sale of either the house or the outbuilding. Normal escribanos fees (usually 2%) and taxes on the sale would be paid by the buyer. It is customary to have the sale of the property with an escritura first and then make a formal subdivision. I will pay the cost of that (it will be several thousand dollars.

PS: the existing outbuilding already has a full tiled (white) bathroom and could be converted to a one or two bedroom dwelling without adding additional construction, depending on whether or nor the buyer wants to convert the existing space used as a colchera into a master bedroom. There's plenty of space to build a carport in front.

A basic conversion of the outbuilding can be done for less than $20,000 but if I sell the house I am planing on spending about $30,000

There is also enough space behind the outbuilding to add another full bathroom and two bedrooms (totaling 50 - 60 metrs2). As the present construction has an L configuration, two of the walls needed to expand the building already exist. It would also be possible to add four bedrooms and two baths If a second story is added, but that's something I know I will never do.

I think that's more than enough for now.i will be happy to answer any question posted in thread.
I second Morgan F. My deepest condolences.
The house sounds beautiful and I believe I've seen some pictures elsewhere and it would be ideal for us if circumstances didn't prove otherwise.
Good luck with the sale Steve.
Steve, I am sorry for your loss.

Your choice to devote your lifetime savings to your nephew is admirable, and to spare him the dealing of a future sale of your property. I do not have the money nor the interest into your nice home, but I wish you all the best in you endeavors.
First of all, my heartfelt thanks to Gringoboy, MorganF, and Serafina for their condolences. I appreciate it more than I can say.

The location is close to Ruta 229 between the intersection with Ruta 3 and the city of Punta Alta..

Here's more about the area where I live and some photos of the house and the property.

Early in the thread you will find a couple of very interesting posts that were made three years ago (when many things cost much less than they do today):

We love the country life, the only thing that we did not account for were the security issues and the associated cost that this brings.
It can be upward of $30,000ar a month, plus the cost of another house. :lol: :) :angry: :D <_< B) B)

I asked Happy Camper about this and here's the reply:

Steveinbsas, some answers.
We started with bare land around 50ha, built house, barn, shed,etc believing life would be great with a young family(so wrong) security problems made us decide to move into a private country club. As you know leaving anything unattended is not possible, so employing people to be present 24-7 is necessary, both in the white plus bonuses. We found out the hard way that cheap is not cheap when hiring here. Add police, alarms, fencing, security connection, dogs, country club, that eats +30.

Fortunately, where my house is located there is no need for extra fencing and security 24/7. (except to keep out wandering livestock) I occasionally leave my house during the day and there's never been a problem. The only "intruder" I've had in the past seven years (at nigh) was a a horse grazing in the front yard.

The police station is less than 1.5 kilometers from my house and there is someone there 24/7 as well as a truck on patrol at all times. I've become friends with a an officer who lives in the village (and grew up there). I have her number on speed dial.

The only time I called her was to check out a guy who came to my house several times (in an Alpha Romeo) asking if I wanted to sell him the lot next to my house. SI wasn't as suspicious of him as she was. When i did call, she arrived within five minutes (in a police truck with another officer) She greeted me as a friend and, after a few minutes,very casually asked for the strange guy's DNI. He checked out OK.

I am also sorry for your loss Steve. I wish you luck with the sale.
Have you thought about how you will protect the cash/proceeds from inflation?
Sympathies on the loss of your brother. Like others, I believe your presence here is a positive addition - would be a shame to see you go.