Some non-essential stores reopen for business in BA


Wow, last week and for most of the weeks before Palermo was stable at between 60-70 something cases. Now 111.
My concern is the circulation fo people from Villa 31 where cases are going crazy due to cramped living conditions, but presumably also subject to more concentrated testing than other neighbourhoods.

In my opinion, the testing of ALL persons living in the Barrio 31 should have been done in March, at the beginning of the first quarantine period, considering the cramped living conditions and lack of easy accessibility to potable water to sanitize hands by every person residing in each "unit".

5 May 2020

Many people living there are delivery drivers for rappi and glovo etc... Does anyone know if they can still come in and out of their neighbourhood for work?
I don't know the answer to this question.

I remember the government never made the quarantine in peoples homes mandatory in the villas, instead quarantining the entire villa... but I am not sure this is really happening...?

I don't remember hearing in the news or reading in the local papers about any proposed plan to quarantine the entire villa.


Gracielle, your new reply is 100% contradictory to your previous reply.
NO...but I did assume incorrectly in my first reply that the notification came from your landlord. Any administrator can choose to make such a decision without calling for a general meeting to hear opinions and/or objections followed by a call for a vote. In his position it is acceptable as long as none of the residents voice objections in writing. It's a decision by de jure which means a state of affairs that is in accordance with law (i.e. that is officially sanctioned).


I doubt it as the 2 fairs at separate locations in my neighborhood continue to be closed. But one can find used books at some of the bookstores on Av. Corrientes that just re-opened.
Yup, you were right! The stalls at Plaza Italia were closed. Managed to pick up some Bolaño, Schweblin, Arlt on Corrientes, as well as a copy of Facundo!