Some thoughts


It's the worsening economy. It's not increasing flow of Africans. I've seen maybe one more African a week than I would 4 years ago. I think you are assuming there's a lot higher numbers!

I don´t know but I sure see more black people on the streets selling everyday. They might not be all Africans but they look like it. I remember that back in 2003-2005 a black guy or girl was like a big attraction that seems to have changed. If I go to places like La Plata, San Miguel or DonT which are not actually tourist hotspots there are always some black people present trying to sell anything

Yesterday I also saw an informe from I think C5N about this and they said that most are illegal aliens, not all from Africa offcourse but I sure think there is an increase

Absolutely there is, cafes are shutting down even in our barrio and though there might be people at the shopping you don't see them at the counter buying. They aren't in the cines the way they were before, and if you read the news you'll see that everyday more and more bars are shutting down. The cost of NAFTA is regulated, so it hasn't increased much, and people without cars have no option but to take public transport even though the fares have increased.

People would drive less if they are faced with a loss of income. There is a nice graph of the number of people linea Mitre transported in from 95 untill 2005 and there was definitly a big decrease from 98 to 2002 and I don´t see that happening now. Buses, Subte´s and trains seems to be at there current levels. Traffic chaos seems to me is still the same then it was a year ago.

Cines took a big hit with gripe A, I would say wait untill september to pass your judgement

I know a few friends that worked for major corporations that have lost their jobs. Friends that work at Nokia are on a reduced work week and have had their salaries frozen since October last year and have been told that there will be no increases this year. Another friend's company forced everyone to take a 15% cut in salary. Another friend runs a health clinic and has had to fire all but essential staff and will be shutting down the clinic this year and selling it. A friend that works in recruiting is now only working from 10am - 2pm. She used to work from 7am - 5pm. A friend that runs a Quinela (yes, a lottery shop) used to make enough to pay himself and 2 partners, now they are all on reduced salaries. Another friend used to work 4 days a week as a kinesiologist and another 2 for his grandfather's biz, now he is down to 2 days as a kinesio, his grandfather is taking him for the other days just so he gets some more $$.

On the other hand I do know a few people who have recently changed jobs and are doing well. But most people I know are feeling the pinch, and a lot I know are working towards emigrating elsewhere.

Where are they planning on emigrating too? Seems like there is not a single developed country where the unemployment is not on the rise. I would think that the oportunities are very, very limited now


Suprisingly the real estate market is very buoyant where I work Remax Argentina and the enquiries are as busy if not busier than last year.
This is due to a combination of factors mostly that Remax has recieved a huge share of the market of late due to clever advertising and efficient staff.

Foriegn enquiries have dropped 80 percent though and 98 percent of all enquiries are locals .

I have noticed a lot more tourists the last two weeks and expect by summer the Brazilians will return in force.


citygirl said:
Have you been shopping here lately? Pretty much every store in the mall here is having huge sales - 50% off, etc.
Sure it isn't the ordinary "end of winter" sales?

Which goods are 50% off?

Add: out here it's heavy coats and jackets, winter boots, longjohns, etc. @ 40-50% off.


There are definitly more sales and less people shopping.

And a major source, the Brazilians, have dried up for the last 2-3 months, but they probally return for a bit for the spring and summer