Songs that inspire


Jun 20, 2006
This is a thread that will interest many and I like you to post the songs that inspire you . I have about 20 songs but I will post a few here that uplift my spirit. The first one Aquamarine is a classic from Santana one of the Worlds most innovative groups.
The second song is very special and the words and imagery make this a classic.
Suenos con serpientes by Silvio Rodriguez
This is another song that I find very inspiring from the classic album
Caravanserai Santana.

I was a idealistic hippie back then when I first heard this album and it inspired me like no other album . I recommend all to get a copy of this CD .
Everyone has different taste-
my personal favorite Santana (the man, not the band) is from the album he did with John McLaughlin, Love Devotion and Surrender.
The two of them play guitars like circling eagles, each outdoing the other, and the band was the best of the best.
Santana, the band, was good, but they dont hold a candle to Billy Cobham, Jan Hammer, and Larry Young...

if you have never heard it, I recommend it.
The cover of John Coltrane's "A love supreme" is particularly sublime.