Spanish lessons - advice needed


Feb 7, 2008
I would like to take individual spanish lessons. If anyone can recommend a person, that would be much appreciated. Also, I have a person on craigslist who is charging $30 ar per hour and that seems totally reasonable, but someone told me that I could get them for $20ar and obviously if this is the case I would like to save money.

any advice on a price range? i am not interested in classes, I want individual tutoring.

thanks so much
Hi. My name is Carl. I am an argentinean born american who lived in the States 26 yrs., mostly in California and Florida, where I learned English. Spanish, of course, is my mother language. In my first years as an argentinean expat in the US, I learned on the great need to have a tutor for my English, I did not need repetitive ¨This is a pencil¨ kind of phrases, but actual conversational English. So, I think I am qualified. I can teach you Spanish the easy way, for practical use. I came back from the US 2 yrs ago, attracted back to my country of birth due to the 3 to 1 exchange rate, and here I am, happy to have made the transition. I can help you not only in the language, but on anything else you need. I know some of the needs of a person who is adjusting to a new culture.....$ 20 (arg pesos) an hour seems right to me, as it would help me with my everyday expenses (every little bit helps). I love teaching. Contact me at = [email protected] and we can take it from there. Thank you.
hey Califo!! Ive been studying spanish here in BsAs for the past 5 weeks, but im paying US-$140 per week for 10 hours!!! Im here for a year so it would be good to pick up the language asap! If you have any free time for a few hours a week id be grateful, hey ill also show some irish custom and buy you a few beers too lol!!
I can help with conversation lessons, im preety young (19 years old) but i would be gald in helping my aim is "pablopan88" msn "[email protected]"