St Patricks Day?


Aug 31, 2008
Just wondering if anyone knows where the best Irish pubs are which set up in the street with music and stuff? Thanks
Reconquista turns into a mob scene. In fact, instead of blocking off the streets like they've done in the past, this past year they've turned the street into a pedestrian street.

There's often drinking in the street, but you have to pay as much as AR$40/person or more for a door charge (but I believe you get that much credit for inside) just to enter the bars. The biggies like Killarney are overflowing, but there are some others that you can get into if you care to.

There is also the TEMPLE BAR which stands alone on Marcelo T. Alvaer between Suipacha & Pelligrini that absolutely overcharges like crazy.

Other expat bars like EL ALAMO (Uruguay b/n Santa Fe & Arenales) will have their own events as well as hope for overflow from SHAMROCK (Rodriguez Pena b/n Arenales & Juncal) which is obviously an Irish bar.

In Palermo, look up SULLIVANS (on Borges 1702 @ El Salvador) if you want an Irish bar or SUGAR (Costa Rica almost to Armenia b/n Armenia & Gurruchaga) if you want cheap drinks (no Guinness) in the Palermo area.

Also, Plaza Serrano, and some of the bars in Palermo Hollywood will probably be somewhat crowded as well.

I don't have suggestions for San Telmo, but there are probably some things going on.

But the biggest blowout is definitely on CALLE RECONQUISTA. I did that last year and I don't think that I'll do it again.
Just received this: First St Patrick's Day Parade. Could be fun!
La Federación de Sociedades Argentino-Irlandesas publicó el programa oficial de actos por el Día de San Patricio.
El Diario The Southern Cross hizo eco de estos comunicados y además publicó un apartado sobre música celta, para conocer los lugares donde se presentarán algunas bandas en estos días.
Primer desfile de San Patricio en Buenos Aires - Martes 17 de marzo - organizado por la Asociación Argentino Irlandesa de Capital Federal y el Gobierno de la Ciudad, saldrá de Arroyo y Suipacha a las 18hs para terminar en la Plaza San Martín y participarán delegaciones de distintos lugares de la ciudad y sus alrededores. Contará con música y danzas celtas. La consigna es tener alguna prenda o distintivo verde. La invitación está abierta al público, según dice el sitio Scotland in Argentina.
reeldee said:
saldrá de Arroyo y Suipacha a las 18hs para terminar en la Plaza San Martín.

Is this a joke or not?

Arroyo y Suipacha is the location where the Israeli Embassy was bombed on March 17th, 1992. Every year the streets are blocked off around there so that Israeli dignitaries can come and pay their respects for those who lost their lives.

The barricades will be removed by 6:00pm in the evening, but it still seems like an odd location to start a St. Patrick's Day Parade. (Although the British Arts Centre is located at Suipacha 1333 b/n Arroyo & Juncal...)

Maybe if it starts in front of that Center (my American spelling now), that would make more sense, but not at Arroyo.

Just throwing out a little historical significance to that intersection and that date.