St. Patricks School


Feb 3, 2009
Does anybody have any information on this school. Can you recommend it? Currently living in Brazil but will be moving to Argentina later in the year. I have 4 yr old twins, born here in Brazil. I speak with them in English and they understand, but respond in Portuguese. Ideally I would like them to study in an English speaking environment, but the real International schools are out of my price range. My question is how good are these bilingual schools? I assume most teachers will be local, but do they have good/fluent english? Here in Brazil we are sending the kids to a "bilingual" school but most of teachers have very poor english pronunciation and English is limited to teaching some songs and throwing in the odd english word into sentences. As a result they know colors, food names, numbers etc in English, but can't really put a sentence together. Is this similar to how it is in Buenos Aires?