State institutions can no longer use inclusive language

Gender ideology is the new cornerstone of Neoliberal Cultural Colonialism. Milei would be better off doing this on the Down-Low and concentrate on his economic reforms, viz. reducing the size of the public sector.

Also, this will cause Millennial American and Western European tourists to have a Hissy Fit and negatively impact badly needed dollars and euro inputs for the local economy.
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I've always felt these sorts of performative edicts were such a waste of effort. We live in a world where both sides shout that they just want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. I feel, in 2024, that should be sustainable. Using inclusive language, is just that. Inclusive. It's so innocent that it's laughable to see the propaganda around it turn it into some top-tier threat to humanity. There was no law in place that one could ONLY use inclusive language so it seems like overkill to ban it from the lexicon.

The world evolves. A lot of people have happily evolved to be more accepting. while some so obviously will remain stuck to their prejudice until the day they die. To take away inclusive language that has worked its way into society...via presidential decree? A bit odd from the self proclaimed 'small government' candidate. I get that Milei has to stoke hatred in some of his rabid supporters, humans that hate that people even exist outside their personal values, but this will set a not-so-great precedent going forward. When the next government intervenes (as I'm not confident Milei will be reelected)...the pendulum will swing back, three-fold and it will be those cheering this move that will be screaming to the rafters about government overstep.

Things like this are not of the president's concern. If people choose to use inclusive language it's because society has moved in that direction. It was never forced on people, so, it's absurd they want to use force to enshrine a law against it in an official capacity. It's not as insidious as people make it out to be. I don't fall into the LGBT box, but would certainly use inclusive language if asked, or if it was preferred by a colleague, friend or family member. It's just so simple.

The leaders of the free world should be focused on leading their respective countries to prosperity, out of poverty. Milei contradicts himself to the highest degree, it's hard to take him seriously. He wants to cut government from the equation but use his governmental force to take away the right to use inclusive language in an official capacity? That seems like an overstep. Just like renaming a building because he hates his predecessors. All petty nonsense that will satiate the hate-filled yet detriment the bigger picture...unity toward effective change. A leader should be bringing a country together, to increase odds of reelection. He had the chance to garner votes from the left because they'd grown weary of their choices. It was historic and he's blundering it by showing them why populism never functions in a society wanting to truly move forward and change. It just raises up intolerance and divides those that really need to work together toward a bright future.
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Except for one or two other people, I think I'm pretty much the only active and out LGBT forum member, so I'll share a couple of thoughts. These are my own, and I of course only speak for myself:

- I've generally been indifferent about Lenguaje Inclusivo; Spanish is a gendered language after all so I really think we need to pick our battles, that being said, there are areas where neutral terms can be used, and I'm fine with that/support it (stuff like cónyuge instead of esposo/a)
- They/them/ele doesn't bug me either, I want to call someone by the pronouns they prefer because I'm not an asshole, and it's great when someone is androgynous so you don't assume, or you haven't met someone and are unsure of their name's conventional gender connection, especially if it's a name that isn't common in English or Spanish, or from either language
- It's generally a non-issue, let's not pretend the Army was previously sending out all communications with ell@s, or asking people to wear "Hola, mi nombre es XXXXX, (El/Ella/El)" stickers
- Most LGBT don't care what you call us, just don't call trans people dehumanizing terms like "it/heshe/etc." or intentionally misgender people, and if you make a mistake, people are pretty forgiving, especially if someone is transitioning
- Of all the problems Argentina is facing, what one is this solving? How important is this? Milei is an ideologue, not a leader, so this is perhaps impossible, but I personally believe he and his staff should ask themselves this every time they take any action to better prioritize their time and political capital
- "Owning the libs" is good for solidifying your base, but you already have them, and they're not at risk of going anywhere. It's the economy stupid, focus on that, and stray from it at your peril