Stats and Demographics


Greetings. Although I am not yet a BsAs expat, I have just returned from a two week visit and I am giving considerable thought to relocating to BsAs.
As a starting point, I am curious as to whether there is a resource that provides information as to the number of English speaking expats in BsAs, with a breakdown as to what countries from which they came.
Also, curious as to current stats about the number of tourists (especially from U.S.) visiting BsAs.
Finally, I have seen numerous posts about the difficulty of doing busines (or starting a business) in BsAs.
Can someone who has weathered this storm offer a few details as to the biggest obstacles they encountered.


Did you ever find the Demographics you are looking for? I'm looking for the same thing. Don't mind paying for the data if I have to.
I wonder if the Engish language newspaper there has any circulation data. That might be somewhat helpful.