Suits for women?


Jan 2, 2007
Anyone have a good recommendation where I can buy some nicely-made and traditional suits? I don't want anything with flounces, piping, half-sleeves, citrus-coloured, etc. Just a nice skirt suit - preferably black, navy, gray (pinstripes optional;))

I've been to most of the malls and haven't found anything and my suits from NY are showing their age so I need to buy some new ones.
In a couple of weeks, after they are done with the summer sale, Zara should have plenty of suits, this time of the year is particularly bad for shopping for them in my experience :p Teresa Calandra in Recolate should have some, but they are pricey.

I don't like Zara - I think their quality is terrible. For me, Zara is for "disposable" clothes as there is almost no chance they'll last more than a season. I didn't have any luck at Port Said but will try another one of their stores. I will check out Teresa Calandra - thanks! I don't mind spending money on a good quality suit that will last.
Yep, Zara keeps going downhill with quality, although sometimes you might find an exception. Olga Naum should also have some nice suits and my favorite Menage a Trois
Menage a Trois is my favorite, too. Excellent tailoring, plus they will take special orders.
You could take your suits to a seamstress and get them copied. My friend had a dress copied & it came out excellent, almost better than the original.
ooooh - why have I not discovered menage a trois before??? Love the clothes on the site. Off to go to the store -thanks!!!!